harford polo grounds Grandfather and granddaughter found in the woods

polo sport shirts Grandfather and granddaughter found in the woods

Sandy Ridge, Centre County Pa.

A 58 year old man and his 17 year old granddaughter are safe at home after getting lost while hunting.

Jeff Cherry of Altoona and his 17 year old granddaughter Megan got separated from their hunting party Saturday afternoon near Sandy Ridge, in Centre County.

Concerns grew about Cherry who is a diabetic and didn have insulin. A search crew including a K 9, located the two early the next morning. They were very thankful for the search party and all the efforts to find them. They made it back home around 3:30 Sunday morning.

Here the account by the PA Game Commission.

Two hunters who became lost Saturday on State Game Lands 33 in Centre County were tracked down by specially skilled Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife conservation officers and returned to safety early the next morning.

The Game Commission was notified on the evening of Oct. 21 that the two hunters, 58 year old Jeff Cherry, of Altoona, and his 17 year old granddaughter Megan Settlemyer, did not meet up with the rest of their hunting party when expected. As darkness fell and the hours passed, concern for the hunters safety grew because Cherry is diabetic and did not have insulin or food with him.

Wildlife Conservation Officers Mike Steingraber and Derek Daly, both of whom are trained in human tracking, put their skills to work. Daly interviewed members of the hunting party and learned the direction the individuals had planned to go. Steingraber and Daly then looked at a map of the terrain to determine where the hunters might have become lost.

Steingraber, Daly, a K 9 Unit dog and Deputy Wildlife Conservation Officer Jim Snook began searching at the location the hunters last were seen. The dog quickly picked up human scent and the officers saw signs that someone had recently passed through the area.

The officers continued to follow the signs through the woods for about 2 miles to an area with dense vegetation where they thought the hunters might have become disoriented.

don think I ever seen a hunter that happy to see a game warden, Steingraber said.

Cherry and Settlemyer said they had planned to spend the night in the area and try to find their way out of the state game lands in the morning.

Cherry said he accidentally walked a little farther than anticipated. He sought high ground to get his bearings and realized that there was not enough time to make it back out of the woods by nightfall.

had forgotten my flashlight and I didn want to risk trying to get my granddaughter back out of the woods over the rocks in the dark, Cherry said. I told her that we were just going to hunker down and either wait until someone found us, or wait until morning to walk out along the creek bed. I very appreciative of everyone who came out to search for us. The hunters made a good decision to stop moving instead of going even farther in the wrong direction, Steingraber said.

is very important that hunters tell someone else where they plan to hunt and what time they expect to be back, Steingraber said. that information from the other members in the hunting party was critical to us locating this pair of hunters. Steingraber also points out that hunters should carry a backpack with a few supplies such as warm clothes, a flashlight and food in case they get lost. No one ever expects to get lost, but it is good to be prepared.
harford polo grounds Grandfather and granddaughter found in the woods

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polo newport ri Greer menswear store still cuts a stylish figure after 100 years

It is the oldest retail store in Greer and third oldest business behind Citizens Building Loan and the Wood Mortuary funeral home, according to Brandon Price, the latest to run the family owned men clothing store.business is built on relationships, said Price, explaining how Smith James has survived two world wars, the Great Depression, several recessions and competition from big box retailers and malls. all about customer service going the extra mile. Price family held a celebration Thursday night at the store for longtime customers and friends. The store adjoins Chelsea Ladies Clothing Accessories at 224 Trade St., also run by the Price family.One of the store oldest customers, Ron Allison, said he started shopping there in the 1950s and ’60s.He said he still has many of the same outfits he bought 50 years ago.come back in style, said Allison, whose wife, state Rep. House of Representatives to Price and his father, the semi retired Bernard Price.clothes that you buy here are going to be around for a long time, Ron Allison said. honest. They do a good job, he said of the Prices.Rita Allison echoed the praise.you personally as a wife for taking care of my husband all these years, she said. is what it all about. store was known for carrying up to date Gent furnishings when it opened in 1916, the Greer Observer reported.In 1919, the name changed to Smith James when Vaughn sold his share of the store to Don James.From the 1930s through the 1970s, Paul Smith Sr., the founder nephew, continued to build on the store reputation of integrity and quality, according to Brand Price.Smith son Paul Smith Jr. and Bernard Price worked for Smith Sr. for many years before joining to buy the store.In 1991, Smith Jr. sold his share to Bernard Price, who along with son Brandon continued to run the store through today. Bernard Price recently retired.In 2005, the Prices opened a Greenville location on Woodruff Road, which expanded in 2011 and still operates today.At the Greer store, Brandon Price is assisted by Chip Bittner, Ted Lecren and other sales associates.The store has always sold suits, ties and accessories. And it continues to provide custom clothing and tailoring.But what really helped the business survive, according to Brandon Price, was the ability to change with the times.At one time, customers would buy three suits in a year. Today, they buy one every three years, he said.In the 1970s and 1980s, formal business attire was giving way to a more casual look, so the store adapted and began carrying a mix of formal, sports and casual wear.However, in the past couple years Price said he noticed that many businessmen want to go back to dressing more formally.up is becoming popular again, he said. are coming out, pulling out that old suit.”Paul Brown of Greer worked as a salesman for Smith James for 12 years, and is now a customer. He said the formula for the store longevity is simple customers, good quality items and attention to detail. And the employees know what they doing.many businesses do you know that have lasted 100 years, he said.Bernard Price said when he was hired in 1961 he had no idea that be bringing this business to 100 years.”has changed, he said. have changed. I appreciate you all. Most of all, I appreciate you as a friend. Price said he’s committed to continuing the family tradition.
polo 4 cologne Greer menswear store still cuts a stylish figure after 100 years

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I found a couple skirts that were originally $30. They were 70% off so the clearance price was $9.00 each. I had a 15% off coupon which brought them down to $7.65 each. I also had and a $12 anniversary coupon good on any purchase of $12 or more that they sent in the mail last week.

So my total for 2 skirts was only $3.30 plus tax! That’s $1.65 per skirt! Thank you Kohl’s!

More On ThisFaye, sorry, but I think my post was misleading. The Ottoman itself was purchased for $8 down from $65. All my other finds were deeply discounted also, but the total was a bit more than $8 LOL I wish!!! Even so, most of the other stuff was 70 90% off, plus my coupons and 30% off. Had to exchange a couple belts for hubby today, so just to find a few more bargains also ; )

Love your skirt, actually I saw it, and other patterns today, but alas, I a shortie and they were too long, and other than the one I found yesterday, there were no more in small petite.

TJ84 I have been school shopping with the girls a couple times in the last few weeks and just happened to score some good deals of my own!

luvstoQ super deals you found for only $8 total! I love the Chap line but they definitely have to be on clearance for me. And I love the Fiestaware as well. I have to check out their housewares clearance the next time I am there.

Momoffi that is a crazy good buy on a cashmere sweater! If the girls talk me into another school shopping trip, we be heading to Gap.

Great finds for you! The only time I shop at Kohl is during these great clearance sales coupled with my 30% off coupon from the mail.

I, too, found a great skirt find a Chap navy long skirt that I have been searching for so happy. With the $10 off $30 on intimates used 2 on different trips and stocked up again shirts, belts, for hubby, and a great ottoman $65, for $8!

Love Fiestaware, added a 4pc. broken set of 5 to my collection for $13 (the new color of sage) plus Naturalsoul sandals for sis, other odds and ends the best shopping trip in ages!!
polo outlet tanger Great clearance prices at Kohl
! Very thrilled love my bargains! ; )

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cheap polo boxers Group of women held hostage

AUSTIN (KXAN) “I don’t have words for it,” Chief of Police Brian Manley said about the brutal rape of four women in a southeast Austin apartment.

Five women visiting from out of town made plans to buy marijuana at the apartment, but were held at gunpoint and forced to undress in what the chief called an “extremely significant” incident. One of the suspects involved remains on the run.

Chief Manley said while the women are officially listed in the police affidavit as victims, they are survivors. “They survived a horrific encounter with some extremely violent offenders. on Friday, June 16, Austin police received a 911 call from one of the victims calling from the Super 8 Motel at 5526 N. Interstate 35 saying there was an armed robbery in progress.

She was able to escape and call police, telling the 911 call taker that her friend bought marijuana from one of the suspects. The victim went on to tell officers that they met the suspects in the 2100 block of Burton Drive and that the suspects then took the women back to the Super 8.

The suspects allegedly told the 911 caller that they were holding her friends hostage and wanted all their money and jewelry. The woman who called 911 told police she had met with one of the suspects before, identified by police as Emmanuel Grear, 20, at a gas station a few days prior.

She said she approached Grear at the gas station and asked him where she could buy drugs in Austin. They exchanged phone numbers. on June 16, the woman called Grear and asked to buy drugs.

When the five women went to the Burton Drive location, Christopher Jaramillo, 19, opened the door with his face covered, according to an affidavit. One of the women told him she was there to buy marijuana and Jaramillo told her to come inside, directing her to a dark bedroom. When she entered, police say Grear came from behind the door with a small handgun and said something to the effect of, “I guess you can tell that you’re not getting weed.”

According to court documents, both men then zip tied the woman and raped her. Police say Grear used the victim’s phone to text another woman to come inside the apartment.

When the second woman came into the apartment, Grear now wearing a shirt that had “police” written on it pointed a gun at her and demanded money,
ralph lauren polo dresses for women Group of women held hostage
police say. Grear then allegedly forced the second woman to take off her clothes before he sexually assaulted her as well.

Grear is accused of using the second woman’s phone to get the remaining three women into the apartment, then, once they were inside, forced them to remove their clothes at gunpoint. Two of these three women were then raped by the suspects, Chief Manley said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

Police say the suspects demanded information from the women so they could rob other drug dealers. When a third suspect, 23 year old Demetri Rogers, joined the search of the women’s phones for information they could use, officers say the suspects grew angry when they couldn’t find what they were looking for, threatening to kill the victims.

Rogers is accused of then sexually assaulting one of the women as Grear allegedly pointed a gun at the woman’s head and put a knife to her throat. Court documents show Grear told one of the women he would kill her as he had killed someone before. He pulled out a green card and claimed to be from Africa, police say.

During the repeated threats and assaults, the suspects snorted lines of cocaine, according to court documents.

Rogers and a fourth, unidentified man took one of the women back to the Super 8 Motel to go through the women’s belongings. It was then that she was able to break away and call 911, which was captured on surveillance video.

Officers arriving at the apartment on Burton Drive saw a vehicle speed away. They later tracked the vehicle to another address on McMillian Drive in north Austin where they arrested Jaramillo.

Jaramillo remains in the Travis County Jail with first degree felony charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery. His bond has been set at $225,000.

Rogers is also being held in the Travis County Jail, on charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. His bond is set at $150,000. Police are currently searching for Grear, who is described as being very mobile since the incident. Anyone who knows his location should call police. Officials are not releasing a photo or mugshot of Grear because it may hamper the investigation, as detectives plan to do additional photo lineups.
ralph lauren polo dresses for women Group of women held hostage

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polo logo green blinking ight on back and ticking sound

Hi everyone. My computer will not turn on. All that is going on is the green light on the back is blinking and a clicking/ticking sound is made with each blink. Any advice on what to try? I am a computer novice with hardly any computer knowledge when it comes to hardware. I dont have lots of cash to take it to have it looked at so i was hoping I may be able to fix the problem. when i came home there had been a power failure and my cmputer had of course been shut down. thanks

as much information as possible would be of great help, or pictures.

the green light is on the back of the tower in the upper left hand corner under the power cord. it is the only “working thing” at this moment! it just blinks non stop if i plug in the computer. with each blink is a clicking/ticking sound. when i unplug the computer totally from the wall the light slows down the blinking and slowly stops. i think it is the power supply light? i unplugged the power cord from the computer and let it sit for quite a while (over a day) and still nothing.

I would suspect that your computer documentation should tell you what the LED is for.

IF it is for Power Supply Unit (PSU) status indication, the blinking may tell you specifically what is wrong.

The odds are that the PSU was damaged by the power glitch. Ultimately it’s a good basic test tool to have available. Examples:

Be warned that with a suspect PSU, any diagnostic work you subsequently perform may FURTHER damage components in the computer, including the motherboard.

If that is not an acceptable risk, then wait until you have at least run the basic PSU test using the test tool from above.

If that is an acceptable risk to you, then you might proceed with further diagnostics.

In the meantime, disconnect all power cables in the computer except for the mobo cable. Then, power up the computer again. If it still has the same symptoms, then it’s likely either your PSU, the mobo, or both.
polo outlet branson green blinking ight on back and ticking sound

polo cardigan sweaters for men Grandfather angry after post office delivers

polo after shave balm Grandfather angry after post office delivers

Weatherspoon is a trucker and lives his life on the road. With his children out of reach, he wanted to make his daughter’s first experience as a mother as special as possible.

“I wanted to get her something nice, something she wouldn’t be embarrassed to put on her child,” he said. “Something she could say her dad got for her.”

So through his travels, he would stop when he could and buy baby clothes, amassing $600 worth of baby things for the new mother.

Then he made plans to have it delivered via USPS by the baby’s due date, with insured, certified mail.

But his fears were realized when the package was delivered to the wrong address, signed for by a stranger.

Weatherspoon was frustrated, calling the post office daily to get it sorted out.

“They said they would send someone over there, but the people wouldn’t give the package back,” he said.

Then he was told by post office employees he would only get $50 back because the package wasn’t insured for more.

“They kept telling me if I didn’t have it insured then there was no way I was going to get my product back,” Weatherspoon said.

“You know, that’s my kid,” he said. “I made her a promise and wanted to finally come through with it. And that’s what I did. So I had to have that package. I had to make it right. I had to do everything in my power to get my daughter what I told her I was going to get for her and her son.”

Finally after a week of back and forth with the post office, the family called the police where were able to retrieve the goods from the home.

But Weatherspoon’s frustration with the post office won’t soon be forgotten.

“I really didn’t think it was very professional they way they treated me and my kids when they went down to get the package,” he said. “I just think that was wrong.”

“The Postal Service’s goal is to provide quality service to all postal customers. It is disappointing when, on rare occurrences such as this one, we fall short of that goal. We apologize to the customer for any inconvenience they may have experienced. As information, customers have many options when mailing items with the Postal Service. These options include purchasing additional insurance, which can supplement the minimal base amount of insurance provided with products like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.
polo cardigan sweaters for men Grandfather angry after post office delivers

children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session

polo hats for cheap Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session

A proposal to allow Florida’s concealed weapons permit holders to carry their firearms openly and eliminate some “gun free zones” will make another appearance during the 2017 legislative session.

The legislation, SB 140, is sponsored by Sen. Greg Steube, R Sarasota, who introduced the measure last year when he was a state representative.

If passed, the bill would allow Florida’s 1.7million concealed carry permit holders to openly carry their firearms. The more sweeping part of the measure, however, would eliminate gun free zones in places like secondary schools, local centers and government meeting areas.

Last year, former state Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced the bill in the House. The proposal sailed through that chamber, but faced opposition in the Senate.

Former Sen. Miguel Daz de la Portilla was at the center of the failure of many pro gun bills last year, since he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee where many of the bills, including open carry, breathed their last breaths.

This year, Diaz de la Portilla isn’t a senator and Steube chairs that committee,
children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session
setting up a friendlier environment for the measure to make its way through.

The bill showed an evident division among law enforcement officers in Florida, with Florida Police Chiefs Association supporting the measure last year, while the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) overwhelmingly opposed the legislation.

The National Rifle Association flexed its muscles on the open carry bill, railing against the FSA at the time.

NRA lobbyist and former president Marion Hammer harshly criticized the FSA for its claims open carry was ineffective.

“Opponents have presented no evidence that open carry isn’t working in any state and no evidence of problems in any state,” she wrote at the time. “Simply because different states have variations in their laws does not in any way alter the fact that open carry is working.”

FSA spokesperson Nanette Schimpf told Sunshine State News the group was currently reviewing the legislation.

Current Florida law does not allow licensed permit holders to openly carry.

Florida is just one of five states which does not allow the lawful open carry of firearms. If Steube’s legislation passes, Florida would become the 46th state legalizing open carry.

Limited Open Carry is lawful in Florida already. If you in progress, en route to or returning from fishing, hunting or camping, you can open carry. All you need to do is keep a tackle box of artificial lures and a fishing pole in your vehicle at all times. If questioned by police, have a valid fishing license to show. The law doesn stipulate that officers can track your fishing or hunting trip an an investigation, however. But some former officers from liberal states relocating to Florida still cannot stand CCW or OC privileges that states like Florida Georgia give. Everybody needs to go fishing!!! Remember, artificial bait,
children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session
because old, dead shrimp or worms get ridiculously stinky. Like liberals.

I really hope this passes. I personally would not open carry but would love to not have to worry about someone calling the police because my shirt exposes a firearm for a brief second by accident even though I am a conceal carry permit holder. There are nearly 2 million permit holders in the state of Florida which is roughly 10% of the state population. If you see 10 people in public 1 of them is probably armed. That guy in the store in line behind. yeah probably already has a firearm on him but guess what you both bought your items and went home without incident. Having a firearm does not make you a criminal or mentally unstable. when are we going to learn this.

Open carry for licenced concealed holders make perfect sense. No offense if you and I are in the the same store. I have a firearm. You just do not see it. Your fears based on sight are rediculous. Unless you physically attack me personally with intent to end my like your safety is not in question. How you act determines how weapon holders act. We are obey the law. We carry for personal preservation of life. We do not carry to commit crime. The lawless do that, the lawless do not adhere to gun laws period!

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polo flannels Great Deals on Warm Clothes for Cold Weather

Just a few days into the new year, much of the Eastern half of the United States is coping with blizzard conditions in the form of Winter Storm Grayson something called a cyclone. What is a bomb cyclone? We let the scientists answer that instead of pretending we really understand. We can, however, address another question that maybe should be on your mind if you looking at snow and record cold temperatures over the next several days,
marco polo shop Great Deals on Warm Clothes for Cold Weather
since Winter Storm Grayson is expected to precede a polar vortex a blast of Arctic air much colder than normal wintery weather: Namely, what do I wear when we in this crazy bomb cyclone winter storm?

Winter preparedness usually means stocking up on some rock salt if you live in the Northeast not getting ready for freezing temps in Florida or snow in Georgia. What also makes it tricky is we don exactly know how winter storm Grayson will track, so better be safe than sorry (and cold).

The silver lining is that this storm of a winter bomb cyclone and polar vortex is hitting right when after Christmas sales are at their peak, so you can score some nice warm gear to help you survive the frigid temps. Here are the best discounts and deals we spotted on the stuff you need to be cold weather ready.

Halogen Faux Fur Stole: $29.40

This cuddly stole in a fun rosy pink shade has is a pull through style,
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so you can turn it into a cozy collar. It also a steal down from $40 as part of Nordstrom after Christmas sale.

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yellow polo shirts for men Group Offers Free Items for Buy Nothing Day

adidas polos Group Offers Free Items for Buy Nothing Day

Charlottesville Community Bikes participated in Buy Nothing Day, an international holiday from consumerism, by holding the Really Really Really Free Market.

The market followed the idea that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. People could drop off goods they didn’t need or want any more and take whatever they wanted.

There were toys, books, clothes, kitchen supplies and other things you’d find if you were out Black Friday shopping.

But unlike at the stores,
yellow polo shirts for men Group Offers Free Items for Buy Nothing Day
it was all for free.

“In Charlottesville, it really takes the flavor of a community festival where we’re really just sharing what we have and getting a chance to simplify our lives as we look for what we can give on and pass on to others,” said Kristina Weaver, organizer for the event.

Weaver says it’s a chance to come together and appreciate what really makes her happy, spending time together.

Others shopped at the free market simply to save some money, or to boycott Black Friday as part of a nationwide protest of the grand jury’s ruling not to press charges in the case involving a white police officer shooting a black teenager in Ferguson,
yellow polo shirts for men Group Offers Free Items for Buy Nothing Day

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white polo hoodie Green Chemistry

In this case the NaBr (reagent 2) is used in excess (.0129 mole) as compared to the 1 butanol (.0108 mole), which is the limiting reagent. Thus in Table 4 in the fourth column where the mass of the reagents that are actually used is calculated, it can be seen that even though the bromine (from the NaBr) is utilized in the desired product there is an excess of this element and therefore the excess must be added into the unutilized weight of reagents. A term we have coined called the Atom Economy now calculated. The percentage experimental atom economy is simply the expected mass of the reagents that are utilized in the desired product (which works out to be the same as the theoretical yield), divided by the actual total mass of all the reagents used in the experiment. In Table 4 we see in column 4, row 4, the utilized mass is 1.48 g and the total mass of the reagents is 4.13 g (row 4, column 2) thus the % experimental atom economy is (1.48/4.13 X 100) 36%. Although the same conclusion was obtained before a discussion of the concept of atom economy, it is helpful to table such as Table 4 so that one can see which reagent(s) are leading to the poor atom economy.

Rather than consider the percentage yield and (experimental) atom economy separately,
nike dri fit polo Green Chemistry
an even better indication of the efficiency of a reaction is to consider a combination of the two. We have coined the term Yield X Experimental Atom Economy (%PE illustrate this. This is calculated as follows:Notice, that in this calculation, the theoretical yield cancels leaving the ratio of the actual yield to the total mass of all the reactants X 100. If again one assumes that the actual yield is 1.20 g and this is divided by 4.13 g (total mass of all reactants from Table 4) then the % Yield X Experimental Atom Economy is only 29% (previously we arrived at this same conclusion in a much less formal way; see the first paragraph of this section). This means that only 29% of the total mass of all the reactants is actually isolated in the desired product while 71% is wasted! Measuring the efficiency of a reaction in this manner puts it into an entirely new perspective. While many chemists would consider a yield of 81% to be a very acceptable, not many would consider the isolation of only 29% of the mass of the reactant atoms in the desired product to be satisfactory.

Although consideration of both the atom economy and the % yield, gives a much better measure of the efficiency of a reaction and its environmental acceptability, other factors need to be considered. To prompt a discussion of the environmental acceptability of a reaction it is prudent to study some of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry (see below). Principle numbers 1 and 2 are directly addressed by atom economy and yield.
nike dri fit polo Green Chemistry