custom embroidered polos The dangers associated with the fashion trend

white polo shorts The dangers associated with the fashion trend

“They do a lot of great things for your posture, they’re pretty to look at. I mean, what is fashion? It’s something that’s pretty to look at,” said Kylie Kirkland, a student at Oklahoma State University. “It’s all about aesthetics.”

If you think it’s always been a woman’s accessory, think again.

“The person who really got the high heels going for what we know of today was Louis the 14th, believe it or not,” said Mary Ruppert Stroescu, a professor at Oklahoma State University.

While they may have started as a man’s fashion statement, it’s definitely become a woman’s world.

In fact, women spend an average of $20,000 on shoes in alifetime.

It’s a high price, but you could be spending a lot more at the doctor’s office.

“Pinched nerves or hammer toes or bunions; they also have increased tendonitis and heel pain,” said Dr. Scott Shields, a metro podiatrist.”There’s a lot of evidence that it can hurt your knees and your back.”

One study found a 26 percent increase in knee joint pressure when a woman wears her perfect pumps.

“It can get to the point you have to do surgery,” Dr. Shields said.

Kirkland says she knows the pain firsthand.

“I took one misstep and snap,” she said.

A party in monstrous six inch heels turned into a trip to the doctor’s office for Kirkland.

“I broke my ankle and my fibula at the same time. It was really great,” Kirland said sarcastically.

It was all for the sake of style.

“I would tell women to enjoy their life, to wear what makes them happy, but pick a shoe that doesn’t hurt,” Dr. Shields said.

Many women wonder if that is even possible.

“Really try to stay away from the sale bin,” Dr. Shields said. “If you’re going to wear a dressy high heel shoe, buy a better one.”

Dr. Shields said it should be an indulgence rather than a daily routine.

“I can go to Braum’s and buy an ice cream, but I can’t do it every day, so kind of do that with your shoes,” he said.

It’s a lesson learned for Kirkland.

“I’m not going to wear them again unless somebody’s holding my hand the whole time,” Kirkland said.

Dr. Shields said they did a survey and found 49 percent of the women who were questioned said they wear high heels. More than three quarters of those women said wearing the stilettos hurt their feet.
custom embroidered polos The dangers associated with the fashion trend

wholesale polo hats The Many Reasons Why Polo Shirts Are So Popular

polo conquest boots The Many Reasons Why Polo Shirts Are So Popular

Polo shirts the best way to describe this clothing item is that it is the epitome of cool and casual style. Given the constant revival of existing styles of the yester years, rarely does the apparel industry come across a clothing item that seems to be a permanent resident of everybody’s closet. The polo shirt is one such item. It is hard to trace exactly when the current design of the polo shirts came into being. However, that the design has been around for a long time now is for sure. In fact, now it is probably more popular than it used to be when it was actually incorporated.

There used to be a time when the polo shirts were the players’ monopoly, and probably justifiably so. Since then the design has undergone a few minor changes and has become a wardrobe staple for everyone. From men to women, young to old, from student to professional, and from a fashion forward person to one who couldn’t care less about their wardrobe everybody has worn the polo shirt at least once in their lives. Clothing item can hardly get any more universal than this. In fact, it is quite natural that one, who has worn it, has often tried to look for the best polo shirts; such is the allure of the clothing item. In this age of global digitalization, most people buy polo shirts online.

The easy availability of polo shirts is no surprise to anyone. However,
wholesale polo hats The Many Reasons Why Polo Shirts Are So Popular
the available variety of polo shirts online indeed elicits surprise. Who knew, the casual yet formal shirt could be made even more attractive! The usability of these shirts has been a major reason of its widespread popularity from the very beginning. However, it is only now that experimentation has been done with the traditional look of the shirt. While the shirt was previously made in basic pastel shades of the paler variety, now these are available in every color imaginable with countless shades of each color. Combination of multiple hues and color blocking are also quite popular now. Moreover, the polo shirts are now available for customization. One can incorporate any patter or logo into the design as most manufacturers offer customization option these days.

It is the easy customization of best polo shirts that have propelled their popularity as the promotional polo shirts and corporate polo shirts. Most corporate houses these days have taken to liking polo shirts as they make the perfect promotional items which can work to strengthen the brand identity of the business. Thus, many organizations place bulk orders of customized polo shirts to the manufacturers. These shirts are then distributed among partners, employees and customers, both current and prospective, as promotional materials. These shirts are of premium quality, give perfect fit, feature attractive designs and can be used for a long time. They make business promotion more practical and cost effective. If one needed any more reason to love these shirts, right here it is?
wholesale polo hats The Many Reasons Why Polo Shirts Are So Popular

santa barbara polo & racquet club The fashion rule book

design polos The fashion rule book

Men! It’s not what you wear so much as how you wear it, and it’s the details that count. So, chinos and boat shoes, old mannish; chinos and desert boots, quite nice. The answer is, if in doubt, tuck. Yes, you may initially feel like a stuffed shirt, but there’s a point at which you will look rough if you don’t. (Eddie Redmayne was doing the half in, half out tuck when he landed in LA for the Oscars, which is a styling detail too far. Eddie, take note.)Men over 40 rarely get it right with shirts tucked out. Not even if they’re Brad Pitt. For a safer,
santa barbara polo & racquet club The fashion rule book
smarter option, always tuck it in.

It’s tough to pull off a classic mac. A raised collar on a pea coat, however, is the all important finishing touch. It’s manly. Old sea doggy, French roue or New York preppy. We only ever really fancied Robert Redford when he was shrugged down inside the raised collar of his pea coat in Three Days of the Condor.

A raised collar can do wonders for those struggling to look rugged and manly. But you can’t go wrong with a plain white tee under a casual shirt, and it gets around the issue of chest tuft.

A white v tee looks good on no one, not even on Ryan Gosling. Covering it with a shirt therefore is a great idea.

Tailored city shorts

Strictly for Ken dolls and Pharrell Williams. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, could Joaquin Phoenix wear this and still look manly/somewhat desirable, and the answer is, no. Shorts are for hot weather and therefore should be loose fit and knee grazing. They’re not for looking nippy in the city.

On Oscar night, man of the moment Eddie Redmayne was wearing sheerish black socks that looked like they might have been his wife’s popsocks. Not good. Old ladyish. Still, worse would have been no socks. Bare hairy ankles with a tux or a suit is plain weird. You look shipwrecked.

Casual shoes are better worn wothout socks, a la British actor Reggie Yates. Sorry Benedict Cumberbatch, we like you but those socks aren’t cool anymore.
santa barbara polo & racquet club The fashion rule book

burberry polo for men The brutal cost of raising a pro athlete

ladies polo boots The brutal cost of raising a pro athlete

By Rob GlosterThe $24.99 Wilson junior racket that Eric and Melanie Rubin bought before their second child was born, in 1996, was a tiny down payment on the hundreds of thousands they would spend to produce a pro tennis player.

Eric lost three jobs as a commercial lender as he skipped work to train his son, Noah Rubin, at sunrise. He borrowed money to pay for $130 an hour lessons. Melanie worked for nothing at a tennis club to get free court time for her child.

The costs skyrocketed over the years as Noah, the 2014 junior Wimbledon champion and 2015 NCAA singles finalist, traveled the world for tournaments and wore through $100 outfits and a constant supply of hard court and clay court sneakers.

“He went through hundreds of rackets. We’d buy five to six rackets at a time at $250 per racket,” Eric says. “There were times I was unemployed, so it was a problem. I borrowed from my parents a ton.”

Noah entered competitions from Costa Rica to France, always accompanied by a parent or a coach, and racked up hefty plane, hotel, and restaurant bills. Entry fees that had started at $50 per tournament soon rose into the hundreds.

Each parent had a routine. When Melanie went, she and Noah would eat hibachi dinners and watch movies in the hotel. When Eric traveled, which was most of the time, he and Noah would search for souvenir shot glasses. “That means the first $80,000 of my income goes to that.”

And when Eric and Melanie divorced in 2010, much of the roughly $225,000 in combined legal costs went to lawyers writing mind numbingly detailed rules determining which parent would direct Noah’s burgeoning tennis career.

Now it’s Noah’s turn. After going 26 4 this year as a freshman at Wake Forest University, the 19 year old turned pro in June and will try to start recouping some of his parents’ investment. He was granted a wild card entry into the qualifying tournament for the US Open, and he won his first match to earn $10,000. Noah lost in the second round, however, so he won’t get a shot when the main event starts on Monday.

Still, the prize for his first round win more than doubles his career professional earnings, which previously totaled $8,833, won in places like Lexington, Ky., on the ATP Challenger Tour, the minor league of tennis.

“What were they spending on me? Absurd numbers, and I was still young and they didn’t know what potential I had. It’s putting down a lot of money for something that may never be,” Noah says of his parents. “They’ve put a lot of money into it, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s why tennis is one of the toughest sports to get into. I mean, if you want to be good there’s no happy medium. Money will be spent.”

The British Lawn Tennis Association estimates it costs about 250,000 pounds ($385,000) to develop a player from age 5 to 18. Staying pro doesn’t come cheap, either. Tennis Association estimated in 2010 that the annual average cost to be a “highly competitive” professional tennis player was $143,000 including $70,000 for coaching and $60,000 for travel and that only the 164 highest ranked players on the men’s tour would have broken even with such costs.

The potential rewards for top players are enormous. The men’s and women’s champions of this year’s US Open each will receive $3.3 million. Roger Federer, the men’s No. 2 seed, has more than $93 million in career earnings, and the 34 year old Swiss player was the most marketable athlete in the world in 2014, with an estimated $58 million from endorsements.

But Noah is ranked No. 631 on the men’s ATP tour, about as far away from tennis wealth as a professional can be. He still has to win qualifying matches just to play in minor league events. He won a wild card spot in last year’s US Open but lost in the first round.

Noah’s extraordinarily expensive upbringing is unusual among his elite tennis peers. Many left home at a young age for the USTA development system or private tennis academies that provided training and covered their travel and other costs.

“He could have gone to the USTA. They would have housed him in Boca Raton, they would have pretty much covered all his living and training expenses,” says Lawrence Kleger, director of the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in New York, who’s been Noah’s coach for the past eight years. “Noah could have probably gotten a scholarship to seven different academies.”

Some of Noah’s travel has been covered by the USTA since he was 11, and training since his early teens has been provided free by Sportime, a group of New York area clubs that house the McEnroe Academy. When Noah turned 15, Sportime also started paying most of his travel and tournament costs.

But almost all of his early expenses came from the pockets of his parents, who still must pay their way to his tournaments. When Eric and his girlfriend spent a week with Noah in May at the NCAA tournament in Waco, Texas, it cost them $5,000.

“Every decision that they made, my tennis was behind it. My dad was like, ‘Should I take this job if I have to be a little farther away?'” Noah recalls. “If I negatively affected them early, I hope to make up for it. I make fun of him. In his bio on the International Tennis Federation website, it lists: “Age Started Tennis 1.”

“We had our kids on the court from the time they were in diapers,” Melanie says.

Laminated mock ups turned the dinner table into a mini court for discussing strategy. Even his bar mitzvah had a “Noah’s Grand Slam” theme.

As for Citibank: “They’re a business, I don’t blame them for it. They expect people to be at their desk, and I had other priorities.”

At 7, Noah was beating kids almost twice his age in tournaments, so the Rubins turned to Kleger who was then executive director of tennis for Sportime for support. Eric and Noah still scraped ice off courts in Newbridge Road Park on wintry Long Island mornings to play before school.

After Noah won a regional tourney as a 10 year old, other parents crowded around him asking what he ate before matches and how he warmed up. He was a 2010 finalist at the prestigious Les Petits As 14 and under tournament in Tarbes, France, whose past winners have included Rafael Nadal and Michael Chang.
burberry polo for men The brutal cost of raising a pro athlete

polo hats for kids The Joy of Buying TOMS Shoes

florida gators polo The Joy of Buying TOMS Shoes

Wear Comfortable TOMS Footwear and Help Others, Too!TOMS Shoes is an entirely new concept in comfortable shoes. They are easy to wear, stylish, affordable, versatile, and your purchase will help children all over the world. This incredible company was created in order to provide shoes to poor children around the world. However, in order to accomplish that goal, the founders had to come up with stylish shoes that American would buy, so that the profit was available to help those children who would never be able to afford a pair of shoes of their own. The fact that TOMS Shoes managed to accomplish their goal is a testament to their vision and their dedication.

Comfortable Footwear For Everyone

I live in Southern California and am used to wearing open sandals or going barefoot. As a result, I usually dislike wearing new shoes. It takes me a long time to break them in. However, the first time I slipped into a new pair of TOMS Shoes, I was hooked. I wore them right out the store that day, and now I wear them everywhere.

This footwear is available in a variety of retail outlets, from Neiman Marcus to Amazon. A buyer for a major department store that sells this footwear told me that the buyers appreciate the fact that the manufacturer of TOMS Shoes allows them to have input into the styles, colors and fabrics they would like to have in their stores. Since each large chain has different needs, the variety of shoes to choose from is enormous. They are available in every color and pattern imaginable, as well as a variety of styles, including slip ons, lace ups, flats, wedges, and low top boot styles. Not only are they available in stores across the country, as mentioned above, they are also available online!

Even brides are buying TOMS Shoes. They are available in plain white canvas, as well as glitter styles. Since they are so comfortable, brides enjoy wearing them for dancing and socializing at their wedding receptions.

Available in Men, Women’s and Children’s Styles

The versatility of TOMS Shoes does not end with simply a wide selection of colors. They are also available for men, women and children. Not only are they are available from stores as diverse as Neiman Marcus and Tommy Bahamas, but they have also been designed as special label Ralph Lauren shoes that are co branded as Polo Rugby Toms. Element Skateboards has issued a limited edition TOMS line of shoes which include a One for One skateboard. In other words, if you buy one of Element’s special skateboards, they will also donate one to a child at the Indigo Skate Camp in Durban, South Africa.

They are Affordable

Not only can you feel good about getting this footwear because you are buying something wonderful for yourself and helping others at the same time,
polo hats for kids The Joy of Buying TOMS Shoes
but the cost is quite moderate, as well. For example, for men they have an ankle height boot available for about $79.00. The Tiny TOMS for children start at about $34.00 a pair. Even Neiman Marcus sells their TOMS Shoes for about $85.00 to $100.00 a pair an extremely appealing price point for Neiman Marcus shoppers! The typical pair in other stores sells for between $50.00 and $90.00. The plain white canvas shoes, popular with some brides, is available for as little as $50.00. Their glitter styles sell for about $55.00 $70.00.

Best of all, Amazon often discounts this footwear, so you can do something nice for yourself, do something nice for others, and save money at the same time! See the link near the top of this article, or use the ad at the bottom.

Help Needy Children Every Time You Buy a Pair

Yes, that is worth repeating. If you buy a pair of TOMS whether it is from Neiman Marcus or Amazon they will GIVE AWAY another pair to a child who doesn’t have any shoes at all to wear. They call it One for One. Therefore, when you buy a very affordable pair of TOMS, you are not only buying a delightful product for yourself, but you are helping a poor child, too!

TOMS is hoping that the idea of One for One giving will spread to other companies. As mentioned above, Ralph Lauren and Elements Skateboards have already gotten involved in this meaningful project.

Why Does TOMS Give Away Shoes?

The story of TOMS began in 2006 when Blake Mycoskie was traveling in Argentina and realized that many of the children there had no shoes to wear. He wanted to help them, so he founded TOMS in order to help them. From the very beginning, they have matched every pair of shoes purchased with another pair that has been given to children in need. The same year that he started the company, Blake went back to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes. As of September 2010, TOMS has already given away over one million pair of new shoes!

Children without Shoes face many Hazards

When children go barefoot in undeveloped countries, they are much more likely to pick up soil transmitted diseases. Some of these diseases can cause permanent mental and physical problems.

When children continually have to go barefoot, they also are more likely to get cuts and sores. Since they keep running barefoot even after being injured, they also face an increased likelihood of having these injuries become infected.

Not having shoes can also prevent children from being able to attend school. In many countries, wearing appropriate footwear is a required part of a school uniform. Children who cannot afford shoes cannot attend school.

How Can You Help?

You can help TOMS provide more shoes for these children simply by buying a beautiful, comfortable pair for yourself or someone you love. They make wonderful gifts for husbands, wives, children and grandchildren. Some of the large department stores have had customers come in and purchase several pairs for themselves and to give as gifts to family members. Not only will you love these shoes, but you will be helping children around the world who would go shoeless, if it weren’t for you. These are a wonderful indulgence that you can truly enjoy!
polo hats for kids The Joy of Buying TOMS Shoes

polo bikinis The debate over school uniforms

kids polo shirt The debate over school uniforms

Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong, chair of the School Committee, said she wants to look into the issue further before saying if she would support a policy or not.

“Without more exploration into the cost, I don’t want to make a decision right away,
polo bikinis The debate over school uniforms
” she said.

Wong said she’s glad the conversation has begun and said it has to be a community led initiative.

Wong said the cost to families would be a major factor as well, as how well the initiative is supported.

Wong said there are some positive qualities to uniforms, including discipline, community spirit and possibly cost.

Wong said the School Committee will be the best place to have the debate.

Parochial schools across the state and nation are known for their uniforms.

Administrators at local Catholic schools said uniforms are an important tradition for parochial schools.
polo bikinis The debate over school uniforms

marco polo furniture The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness

beach polo chicago The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness

A renowned Mayo Clinic physician says he has created just such a formula based on neuroscience and psychology.

Amazingly, it a simple process with only four steps, and it can be completed in 10 weeks or less. And it already been tried and proven in a clinical setting at the top ranked health care center in America,
marco polo furniture The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness
Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Sood four step self help process is a joy to undertake and offers you wonderful rewards:

In step 1, you learn how to better regulate what you think and perceive. This step is actually so enjoyable, Dr. Sood likens it to chocolate powder to your glass of milk.

Step 2 is truly powerful. It will your inner strength by making you emotionally resilient and happier. Step 3 produces results that range from calm to bliss. Step 4 is designed to you decrease your stress and increase the energy available to you each day. As you learn and then master the four steps,
marco polo furniture The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness
you begin to enjoy many health and lifestyle benefits. This book can truly transform your life.

polo cologne for men The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami

johns hopkins water polo The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami

Contact Us,Men of Miami, women feel your pain of wearing the same shit, day in and day out. We witness your struggle, and it hurts equally, because we know you guys deserve better. You deserve more than the repetitive “Bro” uniform of acid wash jeans and V neck tees from Abercrombie and H You deserve more than to feel publicly scorned among your peers, upon the realization that Brian, Jimmy, and “Big Mike” all showed up to the same “gettie” as you, wearing identical pleather loafers purchased at the huge blowout sale.

Places like Forever 21 are great to stock up on screened Star Wars tees, but realistically, how many of those can you hoard before it becomes a problem?

Your clothes are holding you back. Perhaps it’s the lack of inspiration to express your yearning creative soul? Let chain stores die, my friends, and the artistic expression of menswear reign. Menswearis just as important as women’s wear, if not more. It’s more than mass produced chinos. There are local heroines to help prove my case; specialty stores that truly care about you and offer the best in the league. Prices can be high, but so is quality, because they think you deserve more, too.

See also: The Phobia Shop Turns Your Weirdest Fears into Cute, Laughable Shirt DesignsIt’s an iterating choice, but there’s a reason it’s the Summa cum laude of Miami’s retail realm. Why else would “Ursher” and David Guetta stop by on their beachy romps? lures a spectrum of different fellas to its Collins quarters, integrating contemporary designers from John Varvatos to edge masters like 3.1 Phillip Lim or Long Journey. Truly, the medley of options is bountiful. Save for the crappy parking situation only SoBe can guarantee, the coed boutique also serves as a sneaker head wonderland with hordes of Giuseppe Zanotti kicks that would make a grown man cry. “We’ve got beachy; we’ve got casual; we’ve got dressy it’s one stop for them,” brags Janet Wong, Fashion Director and Buyer of the beach hotspot.

For the underground junkie at heart, this Design District boutique lends a minimalistic metropolitan concept to a land replete with palm trees and Rainbow flip flops (make it stop). Apt 606 aims to bring the dark side of fashion to light by way of visionary greats like Alexander Wang, Kris Van Assche, Raf Simons, and 2013 CFDA winners Public School. Owners Lee Hylton and Dune Ivan wanted to give an alternative option to the fashion forward Miami male populous,
polo cologne for men The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami
“We kind of curated the clothes to look like our own personal closet,” says Ivan. Leather backpacks and monochromatic color ways share the spaced out boutique with top of the line, organic skin care and grooming products such as Baxter of California and Cleanser 27. You’ll find no such nonsense here at Supply and Advise. Instead, the boutique dedicated to The Land of the Free urges you to tear up your own blue jean boot cuts like a real man. This Wynwood pop up, instilling the idea of quality craftsmanship over label lusting and shooting to educate its customers on the heritage of each individual piece prides themselves on being the 305’s denim experts, emphasizing the importance of fit. Calling the shots in this “Menswear anti boutique” are consciously coupled owners, Jonathan Eyal and Rebecca Esparza. Paying heed to symbolic styles of our country’s past, they focuse on militant, nautical, and Ivy League inspired merchandise. “We embrace the greatness of America,” Eyal states firmly. You’ll find time traveling brands including Gitman Vintage, Alden of New England, and “the original aviators” (no Luxottica bull), and Randolph Engineering. The real history making lies in their sale section where you’ll score staples for up to 50% off. Penny pinchers: the party’s in the back.

When you’ve got a floating canoe hanging from your ceiling, suddenly, life doesn’t seem so bad. That’s only one reason you should make your way to the Sunset Harbor man cave of boutiques, Cottage. Did we mention they have an cool, HGTV looking garage door? Aside from its inviting d Founder Ariel Burman says he likes to keep his resident brands “prep surf with an edgy twist.” He supplies customers with feel good names like Michael Bastian, Band of Outsiders, and Todd Snyder all lines promoting day to day functionality for the no fuss no muss kind of dude. the Yacht Club meets Endless Summer boutique is hosting a meet and greet trunk show for Michael Bastian Thursday, April 10th.

In a land where brand name stores smother the tourist driven Lincoln Rd., there emerges a quirky touchstone and local legend Base. Its doors, now creviced alongside Books Books, have welcomed fashion forward kids for 18 years now. The brick and mortar thrives off the joys of life style retailing with men’s apparel at the heart and designer toys, accessories, and Beat Factory as its limbs. The new store design, since its six week move, themes an illustrated forest and gives the luxury of space. Co Owner Steven Giles says the store looks to shelter brands with credible stories behind them like Zanerobe, Berlin based Dude Factory, and Knomadik an Australian line of crazy jersey knit proportions. Local brands like Miansai are also incubated within the walls of the humorous store “with some serious thought.”

“Base is nothing you need, but everything you want,” confesses Steven. Peep the store soon,
polo cologne for men The Five Best Menswear Boutiques in Miami
because the uninhabited world of Base will be installing a “cold caf bar to add to the six sensory aura of the retail playground.

womens polo shirt The Buffalo News

polo shirts girls The Buffalo News

This summer, when word got out that the renaming rights to Ralph Wilson Stadium had been acquired by New Era and that the stadium would no longer be known as “The Ralph,” fans took to social media as rumors spread. “The Cap” emerged as a popular nickname among fans.

Dana Marciniak, senior director of global brand commuications at New Era, shares the excitement that so many Buffalonians feel.

“I think overall, everything has been really, really positive,” she said. “I think people that know our brand know and understand that it does make sense. They understand the history that we’ve had with Buffalo, and the Buffalo Bills, and I think that makes them excited, that it’s a hometown team and not some big brand that maybe isn’t even based here.”

Brand awareness has been increasing for the company, which was primarily known for its baseball caps, but recently branched out to other sports.

“Lots of people are really excited when a brand that you don’t expect steps up to the plate and does something like this,” Marciniak added.

While the news broke seemingly overnight, the naming rights process actually began several years ago, while Ralph C. Wilson Jr. was still alive.

Chris Koch, CEO of New Era, revisited the subject this past spring with his friend, Bills President Russ Brandon.

Koch and New Era Vice President Paul McAdam were invited to the stadium in June to meet with team owners Terry and Kim Pegula, and a video about both the Buffalo Bills and New Era brought tears to Koch’s eyes.

Out on the 50 yard line, to the company officials’ excitement, New Era Field was born.

There wasn’t much time for touchdown celebrations, as the home opener was fast approaching, a mere six weeks away.

As time ticked off the clock, officials at New Era and Pegula Sports and Entertainment made many decisions, answering the questions that arose. “What’s the logo going to look like? “Are we calling it New Era Stadium or New Era Field?”

“We picked New Era Field because it sounds really intimate and homey,” Marciniak said. “Even though there’s 70,000 people in the stadium, it feels more personal.”

And one big question remained. “How much signage can we get changed between now and the home opener?”

As it turns out, some but not all will be changed this year with more changes to come next season.

Koch does not take the naming of the stadium lightly.

“I’m very cognizant that New Era has some big shoes to fill with this naming rights deal,” he said. “Ralph Wilson is a respected figure in the NFL and in WNY and has been for a very long time.”

As he looks to the future, Koch said, “I’m really looking forward to continuing the high standards and the legacy set by Mr. Wilson and sustained by the Bills organization.”

Founded by Koch’s great grandfather, Ehrhardt, in 1920, New Era Cap Co. had its humble beginnings in a small rented property on Genesee Street.

After he was joined by his son Harold in 1932, the two recognized the growing popularity of baseball and brought the baseball cap into the marketplace.

As they say, the rest is history. New Era has gone on to become the dominant name in headgear across virtually every sport in the world.

When asked why New Era chose to put its name on a football stadium, Marciniak said, “I think to educate people about who we are.”

Over the years, New Era’s presence has expanded to include multiple sports, such as cricket, rugby and soccer. New Era also has established a presence in diverse venues like the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

“If there’s a championship cap, we want to be that cap,” Marciniak said.

As for New Era Field, there are more exciting changes in store than just the name itself.

Every home game this season will feature an exclusive New Era cap designed by Buffalo celebrities such as Koch and Tyrod Taylor that can only be purchased at the stadium store.
womens polo shirt The Buffalo News

create your own polo shoes The joy of running

palm beach polo realty The joy of running

“I think it’s just to have fun,” said Swanger, 50, who has been running since she was 7. “The great thing about running is you can do it by yourself, in groups, in competition, or not.

“When I teach it, I try to have them do it their way and at their paces. It’s all about them and not about anyone else in the class.”

In addition to the running classes she teaches, Swanger heads the Kids Spirit/Girls on the Run and Solemates programs through the OSU College of Health and Human Sciences.

Girls on the Run is an empowerment program for girls that includes a community service project and a major running component.

The 10 week program for the spring is already full, with more than 240 girls signed up, but more coaches are still needed. People interested in helping should call Swanger at 541 737 5437.

The program will conclude with a 5 kilometer run on campus June 3.

Solemates are adults who choose running or another activity and commit to raising $262 symbolizing the 26.2 miles of a marathon for Girls on the Run.

Swanger is also on the planning committee for the Corvallis Half Marathon. She’s unsure whether she will run in the event or be available to help out that morning.

She’s just thrilled that it’s happening.

“The city has so many 5Ks,” she said. “People are so excited to have this half

The March 2 half marathon class was wrapping up, so the Oregon Outdoor reporter and photographer and Swanger drove out to watch some of the runners toward the end of the 50 minute class.

Some of the students were on the home stretch, running north on the 35th Street bike path.

The enthusiastic Swanger cheered them on and motioned for better arm movement. As the runners passed, one handed off her jacket to Swanger.

On the drive back to campus, Swanger asked to be dropped off near the Dixon Recreation Center.

For the short distance back to Langton Hall, she wanted to do what she loves most: run.

CORVALLIS My wife, Nancy, and I first hiked in the Bald Hill Natural Area in June 2009, and immediately liked it.

We returned last July with friends and took a longer hike to the top of Bald Hill, where we had great views of Marys Peak and even Spencer Butte in Eugene.

I hadn’t been back until March 6, a late winter day that felt like spring. I had to do some shopping in Corvallis, so I decided to toss my bike in the back of my pickup and drive first to the Reservoir Avenue parking lot on the southwest edge of the natural area.

It took less than 10 minutes to bike the 1.5 miles north to the Oak Creek entrance on the paved Midge Cramer Path.
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