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BOILING SPRINGS, SC (FOX Carolina) Deputies in Spartanburg County are investigative said he was pistol whipped and robbed while changing his tire on the side of the road on Highway 9 in Boiling Springs.Per incident reports, deputies were called to meet with the victim on Thursday along the 4100 block.The victim said he pulled over to change a flat tire and a red Mercedes pulled up behind him as he was working. Two men got out of the car and asked if he needed help, then reportedly both pulled out guns.The victim said both men were armed with two guns each, the reports state.The victim said one of the men hit him in the back of the head with one of the guns and forced him into the car.The suspects took off with the victim Converse shoes, yellow Polo shirt, gold necklace, gold ring, $303 in cash, High Point .40 caliber pistol from the glove box, and a PlayStation 4 from the back seat.Deputies noted that the victim was shirtless and shoeless when they arrived and that the interior of the vehicle was in disarray.The suspects were not identified.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Sister of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof given $5,000 bond, not allowed to return to SC schoolSister of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof given $5,000 bond, not allowed to return to SC schoolUpdated: Wednesday, March 14 2018 11:47 PM EDT2018 03 15 03:47:07 GMTMorgan Roof, 18, is charged with simple possession of marijuana and two counts of carrying weapons on school grounds.(Source: WISTV)Morgan Roof, 18, is charged with simple possession of marijuana and two counts of carrying weapons on school grounds.(Source: WISTV)Richland County deputies have arrested and charged the younger sister of Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof.Richland County deputies have arrested and charged the younger sister of Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof.Sheriff: Manhunt underway for armed, “dangerous” suspect who fled traffic stop in LavoniaSheriff: Manhunt underway for armed, “dangerous” suspect who fled traffic stop in LavoniaUpdated: Thursday, March 15 2018 12:20 AM EDT2018 03 15 04:20:05 GMTRobert Huckaby (Source: FCSO)Officials with Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said a search is on for a man they said fled a traffic stop on Wednesday.Officials with Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said a search is on for a man they said fled a traffic stop on Wednesday.Solicitor: Upstate father beaten to death, set on fire after making call about his son paying too much for drugsSolicitor: Upstate father beaten to death, set on fire after making call about his son paying too much for drugsUpdated: Wednesday, March 14 2018 3:36 PM EDT2018 03 14 19:36:24 GMTJacob (L) and Oscar Lance appear in bond court. (Nov. 13, 2015/FOX Carolina)The solicitor in Anderson County said two brothers have been sentenced to prison time in the brutal slaying of an Upstate father.
miramonte water polo Man reported being pistol whipped

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PALMER TOWNSHIP Baseball has long been known as America’s pastime, a sport full of traditions such as the ceremonial first pitch, curtain calls and the seventh inning stretch.

Since 2005, one of those traditions has included outfitting all of its big leaguers with uniforms made in the Lehigh Valley by VF Majestic.

But, according to several reports earlier this week, that partnership will end after the 2019 season. Several outlets, including The Baltimore Sun, reported Under Armour will outfit all Major League Baseball players beginning in 2020 under an agreement reached with the league.

The agreement hasn’t been officially announced, and MLB, Under Armour and VF Majestic have not commented.

While the potential switch from VF Majestic to Under Armour is still years away, it represents a significant shift for Major League Baseball to align with a Baltimore company that was founded just 20 years ago, has a motto of “Aggressive, Young Fearless” and makes a majority of its products outside the United States. For the Lehigh Valley, the move clouds the future of the VF Majestic’s plant in Palmer Township, where about 620 people work, and raises uncertainty around a longtime local apparel maker even as the area’s manufacturing sector continues to grow.

PALMER TOWNSHIP In August 2003, Majestic Athletic Ltd. as it was then known was named the exclusive supplier of uniforms to all 30 teams in Major League Baseball, a contract that started in 2005 and was considered a home run for the apparel company that got its start during the 1970s in the.

(Jon Harris and Anthony Salamone)

It also touches on one of the hot button topics in this year’s presidential election: the outsourcing of American jobs overseas.

In 2015, the publicly held Under Armour’s products were made by 44 primary manufacturers, operating in 16 countries, according to the publicly traded company’s annual report. In addition, approximately 63 percent of its products last year were manufactured in China, Jordan, Vietnam and Indonesia, the report states.

The company notes it has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Panama, Vietnam, Indonesia and China to support its manufacturing, quality assurance and sourcing efforts for its products. In addition, the report states, as a result of international manufacturing, Under Armour may experience delays in production and shipments, as its products are “subject to risks associated with overseas sourcing and manufacturing.”

While the potential switch from VF Majestic, which makes Major League Baseball uniforms in Palmer Township, to Under Armour is still years away, it represents a significant shift for MLB to align with a Baltimore company that makes a majority of its products outside the United States.

While the potential switch from VF Majestic, which makes Major League Baseball uniforms in Palmer Township, to Under Armour is still years away, it represents a significant shift for MLB to align with a Baltimore company that makes a majority of its products outside the United States. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Under Armour does, however, manufacture a limited number of apparel products, primarily for high profile athletes and teams, at its quick turn Special Make Up Shop located at one of its Maryland distribution facilities, the report states.

When asked whether Under Armour makes any other products in the United States,
polo outlet online for kids Majestic deal shift MLB uniform manufacturing overseas
company spokeswoman Allison Glass referred The Morning Call to a June news release about the UA Lighthouse, a new 35,000 square foot facility in South Baltimore where the company develops new product and efficient manufacturing processes, which “will then be shared with Under Armour’s global teammates and partner factories.”

Glass, who called the UA Lighthouse the company’s “entryway into domestic manufacturing,” confirmed the facility is not where mass production is occurring but, she added, Under Armour is producing physical product there in certain categories.

It remains unclear where Under Armour would produce the MLB uniforms.

Under Armour’s practice of manufacturing overseas, where labor costs are cheaper and its product sales are increasing, is not uncommon for an apparel company in fact, far from it. According to the American Apparel Footwear Association, 97 percent of all clothes and 98 percent of all shoes sold in the United States are imported.

The issue of sending jobs overseas has repeatedly surfaced during the run up to the presidential election.

Donald Trump has consistently hammered Hillary Clinton for not doing enough to prevent jobs from leaving the United States, persistently calling the North American Free Trade Agreement signed by former President Bill Clinton a “disaster.” Meanwhile, Clinton has fired right back, pointing out that products from the businessman’s apparel line, the Donald J. Trump Collection, were made overseas. VF, with more than 30 brands such as The North Face, Vans and Wrangler and 2015 revenue of $12.4 billion, purchased about 77 percent of its products from independent contractors primarily located in Asia in fiscal 2015, the report states.

The remaining 23 percent of its products were made in VF owned manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. manufacturing includes all MLB uniforms, along with screen printing and embroidery of jerseys, T shirts and fleece products.

Matt Bourne, the MLB’s vice president of business public relations, said the league’s “current contract stipulates that the licensee may only use manufacturers located within the United States in connection with the authentic jerseys and pants.” It remains unclear whether future contracts would be required to have that same stipulation.

Regardless of which company holds the license, David Melman, manager of the Pennsylvania Joint Board Workers United, Service Employees International Union, said the union is committed to making sure its members’ jobs stay in Palmer. The union will take its case to MLB if necessary, he added. “Our members in the [Palmer] facility have the skill and dedication to continue to be part of what’s been a very successful part of baseball.”

Majestic’s history with MLB

Majestic broke into the big leagues in 1982 when it pioneered the batting practice jersey, a baseball shirt worn only for pre game warm ups.

Then, in August 2003, the company won a five year contract, starting in 2005, as the exclusive supplier of uniforms, jackets, T shirts, fleece and turtlenecks to all 30 big league teams. At the time of the announcement, Majestic made official jerseys for 15 MLB teams, while Russell Corp. handled the remaining 15 clubs.

In announcing a contract extension in March 2015 with VF Majestic through the 2019 season, a Major League Baseball executive said the partnership with VF Majestic “goes beyond a licensing agreement.”
polo outlet online for kids Majestic deal shift MLB uniform manufacturing overseas

water polo game Manchester City 1

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Not a single shot on target in 90 minutes. Not a single shot of any description in the first half. Not a single player completing more than 55 passes, when seven did so for Manchester City. Not a single player having more than 75 touches, when seven did so for Manchester City. Not a single moment of creativity, adventure or ambition.

Not a humiliation nor a disaster, but a reinforcement of where Chelsea stand in Antonio Conte second season: firmly the fifth best club in the Premier League. Being below Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham and above Arsenal is hardly cause for concern, but this meek acceptance of inferiority was quite something.

City have failed to win six games this season. None of the clubs who thwarted them did so without showing at least a semblance of attacking intent. Everton took the lead against them in August before drawing, Crystal Palace missed a late penalty in their December stalemate, Burnley had eight shots in their 1 1 draw in February, and Shakhtar, Liverpool and Wigan all beat them by playing to their own strengths as opposed to trying to nullify City tried to topple an all conquering force with just over one fifth of the ball. It would have been ballsy had they not used the exact same tactic against the exact same opponent for the exact same result at home in September. They threw in the towel even before Michael Oliver started the bout.

While City last game came against Arsenal on Thursday, Chelsea had a full week to prepare for their visit to the Etihad Stadium. Perhaps their last match played on his mind, as Alvaro Morata ineffective performance against Manchester United was rewarded with a place on the bench.

Eden Hazard was entrusted as the central striker. The Belgian did well in the role against Barcelona, interchanging to great effect with Willian and Pedro. But his was a more fixed position on Sunday, staying central as opposed to drifting to the wings.

Olivier Giroud has now started one of a possible five Premier and Champions League games since joining, and he capped that sole opportunity by assisting Hazard opening goal in a 3 0 win over West Brom last month. If Conte has learned to distrust Morata through first hand experience, what is his excuse for a player he signed in January?

Asked post match what Chelsea might have done differently, Pep Guardiola offered an interesting response:

a question for Antonio. Chelsea can do absolutely everything build up, long balls with Alonso, high press, when they defend deep they are masters of the counter attack, said the City manager, relishing a rare chance to display his in depth knowledge of an opponent in a press conference as well as on the pitch.

we were better in every area made an amazing performance, he finished, and therein lies the most prescient point. City have played three games against the clubs in fifth and sixth over the past seven days, and the aggregate score is 7 0. The gap between City and Chelsea was 15 last season; it is now 25, but in City favour. That truly is

The conventional wisdom is that these Chelsea tactics can only thrive with a physical striker leading the line. It provides a focal point, a player capable of holding up the ball and bringing teammates into play. Hazard is a wonderful talent, but a target man he is not.

On that evidence, the decision to ostracise and sell Diego Costa was a mistake, or at least the inability to adequately replace him has cost Chelsea. Many felt that the Spaniard would have made a considerable difference to their approach on Sunday.

Yet over 1,000 miles away in Spain, Costa was failing miserably in having even the slightest of impacts for Atletico Madrid against Barcelona. He started as a lone striker against a home team dominant in possession, had no shots and completed just seven passes in the first half. Only when Atletico switched to a formation with two strikers did he show an improvement.

To say Chelsea are missing Costa feels too simplistic. Perhaps it is not the personnel that is the problem, but the approach.

Besides, the departure of Costa was not Chelsea most costly this summer. Nemanja Matic has left a gaping hole in the midfield that is yet to be addressed.

With N Kante sidelined, the pressure was on Cesc Fabregas and Danny Drinkwater to perform. Without a natural defensive midfielder, both would have to shoulder that responsibility together. But they would also have to find a way to pass around the City press when in possession. This would be the foundation upon which Chelsea would build any sort of positive result, and two demands that Matic incorporates so well.

Not only did Fabregas and Drinkwater make a combined two tackles, two interceptions and two clearances compared to Ilkay Gundogan two tackles,
water polo game Manchester City 1
two interceptions and one clearance, but their passing was not nearly good enough. Together, they completed 82% of their 91 passes: a solid amount, but nowhere near enough to land a telling blow.

Drinkwater and Fabregas both won only 20% of their duels. Kante missed, as you would expect. March 4, 2018

Such minimal resistance certainly helped Gundogan. Guardiola noted that the lack of a coherent Chelsea press made the German job more and he again excelled at the base of the midfield.

Gundogan had 181 touches and completed 167 passes: both Premier League records, and both integral in helping City find a way through. With the hosts constantly searching for any potential gaps, the 27 year old had to provide a passing option for every defender, every midfielder and all three forward players, endlessly switching from left to right and recycling possession. It requires supreme concentration and fitness, and he has stepped ably into the shoes of the also underrated Fernandinho.

Gundogan himself described it as a spectacular match on social media afterwards; City really have normalised their record breaking brilliance.

I made the point in 16 Conclusions in midweek, but it bears repetition: City are thriving without key players in every outfield position. John Stones was on the bench again, Fernandinho is still sidelined, Raheem Sterling did not even make the match day squad, and Gabriel Jesus was afforded only a handful of minutes as he continues his return from injury. Benjamin Mendy is still out, and makeshift replacement Fabian Delph joined him on Sunday.

In their places, Aymeric Laporte, Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Aguero and Aleksandar Zinchenko have all thrived. It is easy to discredit the point by simply referencing the price tags of each replacement, but it rather ignores the fact that neither injuries nor suspensions have derailed City momentum. The machine keeps rolling, regardless of which part is used.

Gary Neville likened the Chelsea players to at one point in the second half, but it should be said that in the first half the strategy was working. The Blues blocked five shots in the opening 45 minutes, while City missed the target with another three.

Thibaut Courtois may have had only two saves to make, both of which were in the second half, but City had three shots on target. Only the divine intervention of Cesar Azpilicueta after a divine piece of skill from Leroy Sane kept the scores level.

Sane dragged the ball down from a Kevin De Bruyne free kick in the 27th minute, turned, took a couple of touches then unleashed a shot. It was powerful, it was low, and it was almost impossible to save. But Azpilicueta managed to not only take the sting out of the shot, but clear it off the line and to safety. Chelsea best player can only rescue them so many times, however.

While it was the first time since statistics began in 2003/04 that Chelsea failed to register a single shot in the first half of a Premier League game, Conte would have been content. The hosts were dominant in possession yet had only created one obvious opportunity.

The crucial defensive aspect of their first half was that any mistake Chelsea made came in a position where they could not be immediately punished. Any misplaced Fabregas pass was picked up by City in midfield, any poor Hazard touch simply ceded possession to an opposition centre half. There was never any need for Chelsea defence to hastily regroup in the face of a lightning quick City attack or incisive City pass. None of the five visiting defenders were ever pulled out of position.

It took 33 second half seconds for that hard work to be undone. Gundogan dropped deep and spotted Sergio Aguero run. The midfielder lofted pass failed to find the Argentinean, yet Andreas Christensen botched clearance played the ball into his path. Two passes later, City were ahead. The lion had waited patiently for the gazelle to let its guard down before pouncing. The opening might have been brief, but it was ruthlessly exposed.

know I made a mistake, but there is not much else to do than to learn from it and make sure it doesn happen again. made those comments after his misplaced pass handed Barcelona their equaliser last month; he has failed to learn his lesson. In his two appearances since, he has made high profile errors leading to both of Manchester United goals in a 2 1 defeat and to City eventual winner at the Etihad Stadium. As harsh as it seems when discussing a 21 year old essentially learning on the job,
water polo game Manchester City 1
to make such costly mistakes in three crucial games might well cost him his place.

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luke 1977 polo shirt Man badly hurt in Colorado air crash gets

CBS4 caught up to Dave and his wife Amanda at the Pepsi Center where Repsher was visiting before an Avalanche game. He was honored to the roar of the crowd.

“I had some very dark days,” Repsher admits.

Who wouldn’t. Repsher was injured when his Flight For Life helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff on July 3, 2015. The aircraft didn’t get far and smashed into a parking lot next to the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco. There were three on board fellow flight nurse Matt Bowe, who’s injuries were less severe and has returned to work, Repsher and pilot Patrick Mahany.

“It was an incredibly hard thing to tell Dave when he woke up that Patrick was gone,” said his wife Amanda about the death of Mahany.

Repsher’s memories of his friend are stirring; like the time Mahany landed in a tiny patch of clear ground at Longs Peak to rescue an injured climber.

“Pat got me on that rock, (I) went out, got the patient, put the patient in, big hurry, got me out of there. Not a drop of sweat came off his brow. He was the best pilot in the world and just a pleasure to be around,” Repsher said.

Repsher isn’t one to easily talk about himself. His friends tell stories of him running,
polo v neck shirts Man badly hurt in Colorado air crash gets
climbing, kayaking and playing hockey in one day without thinking twice.

“Dave was so strong, anywhere we’d go on the river, on the mountain skiing, I always felt so safe, just knowing Dave was there, just knowing everything was going to be okay,” said Amanda, who is also a nurse and used to work at a burn center. “When they told me that Dave was burned 90 percent, I just fell apart and I knew that him living through the night was going to be something extraordinary.”

Repsher lived and kept living. Still Repsher’s burn surgeon reminded her she would never be able to stop worrying until he walked out of the hospital. That would be over a year.

Right after Repsher came in, doctors put him under sedation. With burns so severe, there was no way he could be awake.

“I guess Amanda was there every day and there were times where I could hear her voice and it seemed to bring me back in from wherever I was at. I was in some pretty strange places at times but, every now and then I’d hear Amanda’s voice and it would sort of ground me and bring me back,
polo v neck shirts Man badly hurt in Colorado air crash gets
” Repsher said.

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One of the people responsible for that is Sheila Kemp, who didn’t know Allen, but received an emotional phone call in late December and decided to help.

“I felt the sadness in his voice and I just felt like we were supposed to help him find his dog,” Kemp said with tears in her eyes.

Chipper escaped after a walk on December 28 while staying at Allen’s brother’s house.

Once back inside, Chipper and his brother Ranger got out through a cracked open door. Ranger came back, Chipper did not.

After a week of searching and various sightings across town, Allen and his family were forced to leave for home in North Carolina without Chipper.

“I was pretty disappointed in myself, because I felt like there was a lot of things I could have done differently,” Allen said Sunday.

But that’s when Kemp stepped in to help. She owns Endless Love Pet Palace in Warner Robins and started a search.

She spent her own time and money on 200 posters and fliers, an animal trap, Facebook ads, and visits to at least a dozen businesses.

Finally, last Monday she got a call that someone had found Chipper. Chipper had spent 12 days on his own, then was found, and then later the rescuers recognized him from posters.

“I always said to him I want to be able to pick up the phone one day and tell you “I have him,” and when it was all said and done he said ‘You did it Sheila, you did it,'” Kemp said Sunday.

At their reunion, Chipper let his appreciation show too loudly howling after seeing Allen.

Allen wanted to thank Kemp and all the people that had helped looked for Chipper.

Kemp said she knew of at least 15 to 20 volunteers whom helped her, including Houston County District Attorney George Hartwig and his wife.

“Total strangers. ‘Hey I was in the woods looking for him,’ and they don’t even know me. Why would they take the time to do that? And so that’s just evidence of God’s grace in our life,” Allen said.
marco polo kublai khan man reunited with dog in Warner Robins

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With July 4 behind us, summer is in full swing, and with it the need least in many parts of the country trudge to and from work through waves of oppressive heat. Happily, office dress codes tend (officially or unofficially) to loosen when temperatures spike, as employers and employees alike try to minimize the sweaty discomforts of the season. Some of us simply shed layers of clothing. Others jump at the opportunity to pull out seersucker suits and white pants from the back of their closets.

But there are risks in this seasonal metamorphosis. Whether it too much skin on display or a shirt cut from a garish tropical print, summer weather inspires more than its fair share of questionable work ensembles. people are focused on your cleavage or the neon color of your shirt, then they not focused on you and your good ideas.

While mandals may not have made their way into the boardroom yet, open toed shoes and flipflops are showing up in casual offices. The verdict: Avoid them at all costs. one wants to see your hairy toes,
polo handbags Make One of These Classic Summer Work
says Post. Your safer option: loafers, boat shoes, or other casual closed toe footwear. Even those shoes can create dilemmas, though, as more men choose to go sans socks no no, according to the pros. you going to be in the office, throw a pair of socks on. Your feet will smell better, and everyone will appreciate that,
polo handbags Make One of These Classic Summer Work
says Post.

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moncler polo Manchester City 3

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As the last manager to engineer a victory over Manchester City, many might have hoped/feared that Arsene Wenger had a trick up his sleeve. He has faced Pep Guardiola three times since the Spaniard arrived in England, winning, drawing and losing one game each. Few sides give City as close a game as Arsenal.

That much proved true for periods of Sunday meeting, but that will never be enough against a side so confident, dominant and ever improving. Arsenal were impressive for the opening 15 minutes and for sections of the second half, but derailing City would require a perfect performance right now.

Even momentary lapses in concentration are punished when made against Kevin de Bruyne, David Silva and Sergio Aguero, and so it proved here. Each goal from the home side was a result of the hosts capitalising on an individual mistake with ruthless efficiency.

This was not necessarily a game that proved Arsenal are not good enough, just that City are too good. The title can never be won in November, but it already seems quite weird that there is a possibility they will not be crowned come May.

Wenger emphasised the need for before the game, and so his decision to start Francis Coquelin at the heart of his defence was entirely contradictory. That the Frenchman was substituted after 56 minutes suggests that even the professor accepts this experiment backfired.

The idea of playing a central midfielder in central defence is not alien, nor is it wrong. Eric Dier transitions smoothly between the two roles for Tottenham, and Arsenal have used it to varying effect in the Europa League this season. But that has only ever been with Mohamed Elneny, an accomplished passer. Coquelin is no such thing.

The 26 year old recorded the lowest passing accuracy of any starter, including goalkeepers (65.2%), meaning that Arsenal were often unable to alleviate pressure by playing out from the back, and surrendered possession straight back to City. The best centre halves spread calm throughout the team, but Coquelin presence had the opposite effect. Arsenal often looked panicked when forced into making decisions in their own half.

Giving Coquelin his first Premier League start since May 13 in a game of such difficulty and importance was a risk; making him centre half lost them the game.

As if to highlight the gulf between the two sides, they both made two changes:Kyle Walker and David Silva came in for the hosts, while Coquelin and Alex Iwobi were drafted in by the visitors. One side replaced their Ferraris withLamborghinis, while the other checked the times for public transport. Being a Sunday, they were unreliable.

It is not as though Arsenal did not have other options. Just as he was against Liverpool in August, Alexandre Lacazette was left on the bench in a big game. This decision was not quite as cataclysmic, but the absence of a central striker was telling. Lacazette will feel that he made his point with a goal nine minutes after coming on.

Wenger has been careful with Lacazette ever since he arrived as the club record signing. The Frenchman is far from a guaranteed starter six Arsenal players have more minutes in the Premier League this season. But it is November, and the manager must show more trust to a player he courted for years.

Benching Lacazette away in big games at Liverpool and City tells you Wenger never really wanted him.

Signed him to shut everyone up. I think both of them are very good players, Wenger said in October. me there no difference, and each time it very hard to decide who starts. This was proof, were it required, that at least one of them should.

Yet Arsenal started the brighter, winning a couple of corners and putting City on the back foot in the early stages. The pre game narrative was that Arsenal would have to absorb pressure then rely on counter attacks, and a front three of Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Iwobi suggested that was the plan. But the first real chance of the game came from City breaking with speed from an Arsenal corner. Raheem Sterling played in De Bruyne who laid the ball onto Aguero, but the Argentinean shot was high and wide.

It was a precursor to how much of the game unfolded, as City flooded forward with numbers after winning possession in their own half on a number of occasions. Laurent Koscielny was left in two versus one situations twice, with only poor passes preventing City from capitalising each time.

Conversely, Arsenal only created one real chance on the counter attack, as City relied on tactical fouling to suppress any potential uprising. Be it through a lack of nous or simply an inability to maintain the pace, Arsenal failed to break up play with the same snide fouls.

Wenger choice to deploy a back five was not necessarily the wrong one, but the personnel absolutely was. The Gunners had three shots in the opening ten minutes as they held their own against the league leaders,
moncler polo Manchester City 3
but City eventually found their feet. After Aguero early shot, their first real chance came when Coquelin misplaced pass eventually found its way to Leroy Sane, whose delivery was perfect but Sterling was, as his genes dictate, a little short.

Seven minutes later came a pair of mistakes, Sead Kolasinac and Iwobi both passing to blue shirts in their own half, and this time City capitalised. After Petr Cech saved his initial effort, De Bruyne combined with Fernandinho to fire across the keeper and into the bottom corner.

Arsenal approach was fine, but a game against this calibre of opposition demands no mistakes, or at least very few. In the first half alone, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Coquelin and Granit Xhaka all handed possession over to City, who created a goalscoring opportunity each time. On this occasion, they took it.

The goal bore similarities to De Bruyne strike against Chelsea, the Belgian trading a one two with a teammate before placing the ball beyond a despairing keeper with surprising power. Thibaut Courtois and Cech are not easy opponents to beat from range or angle, but then De Bruyne is developing a habit for making the extraordinary seem anything but.

are not allowed to do back heels, so it is always good, simple passes, De Bruyne told Sky Sports ahead of the game, and it is a salient point. Other players would have tried a convoluted flick to try and create an opening when 25 to 20 yards out, but by keeping it the opportunity presented itself. With the help of Fernandinho, he provided the foundations for an impressive victory.

Speaking of convoluted flicks, how many moves broke down at the feet of Aaron Ramsey? No Arsenal player was particularly efficient in possession at the Etihad Stadium substitute Jack Wilshere recorded the highest pass completion percentage (90.9%) but there are few more frustrating footballers than the Welshman.

His display was not helped by Sanchez, with the pair continuing their bizarre on pitch feud which involves constantly refusing to pass to one another when in acres of space, but Ramsey was far from blameless. The 26 year old often comes across as trying to be too clever when, as De Bruyne for example has realised, the pass is sometimes eminently more effective. Against a team that cherishes the ball, his shortcomings were evident.

Arsenal were struggling to cope with the pressure at times, yet the scoreline stayed at 1 0. Coquelin, Xhaka and Sanchez were all guilty of sloppiness in possession, and the result was a disjointed performance throughout the defence, midfield and attack.

Were Arsenal half as precise as City with their passing in the attacking third, it might have been 1 1 at half time. If they were a tenth as meticulous with their passing in defence, it might have been 0 0. They created more chances for City through their own passing than they did with their own.

Wenger, as he often does, was keen to point the finger of blame at the officials (maybe he read this at half time). The penalty Nacho Monreal conceded on Sterling was soft, and City third goal was indeed offside. But that rather misses the point that this Arsenal side were once again the architects of their own downfall. Playing against City is a tightrope, and the Gunners were wearing the wrong shoes.

And yet they almost went into half time on level terms. On the one occasion they initiated a successful counter attack, it was a raking ball launched over the halfway line by Iwobi for Sanchez to chase. He duly did, and then played in Ramsey down the left. The Welshman cut onto his right foot before trying to sneak in a low,
moncler polo Manchester City 3
powerful shot at the near post. Only a smart save from Ederson maintained City lead.

marco polo tea Man caught in Vancouver riot photos tearfully apologizes

polo beach maui Man caught in Vancouver riot photos tearfully apologizes

Pictures show the fully equipped cruiser, worth more than $50,000, on fire, as an excited crowd looks on at a parking lot at Cambie and Georgia streets in downtown Vancouver.The teenager, who is noticeable in the photo for the distinctive pair of blue and orange running shoes he was wearing, waived his rights as a young offender to go public with his apology Saturday evening.”I want to own up to what I did and encourage others to do the same,” Kotylak told Global. “I’m just ashamed.”The incident happened during the early stages of what turned into a five hour long riot that taxed police resources to the limit and caused millions of dollars in damages.Kotylak was identified by two sources who requested anonymity: a person associated with his elite water polo team and a family member who called the Vancouver Province.He has not been charged, nor have police said he is being investigated.Ridge Meadows RCMP admitted calls have been fielded about his possible involvement, but referred all questions to Vancouver police, who had no immediate comment.Kotylak, a promising young water polo star who is in Grade 12, comes from a well to do family in Maple Ridge where his dad,
marco polo tea Man caught in Vancouver riot photos tearfully apologizes
Dr. Greg Kotylak, is a general surgeon.His mother, Josephine Kotylak, is a registered nurse and heavily involved in water polo administration.Although they did not name him, Water Polo Canada confirmed Friday one of its athletes had been suspended pending an internal investigation and hearing.”We are aware that there are allegations a national team athlete allegedly vandalized a police vehicle during the riots,” executive director Ahmed El Awadi said Friday. reported that Kotylak has been suspended from the Canadian National Junior team.Phone calls and emails to the family were not immediately returned.He has received a partial scholarship from Water Polo Canada to attend the University of Calgary, where he plans to study kinesiology.”There have been so many great water polo players from Maple Ridge, and I’ve been lucky enough to play with most of them,” he told the Maple Ridge News recently in a feature article.A family member told the Vancouver Province the media should be cautious about feeding into the lynch mob mentality that is occurring on Internet sites as a result of the astonishing pictures.The person said the youth was egged on by the crowd and noted that the young man is currently under a great deal of pressure.A person associated with the water polo team said there will not be much sympathy if Kotylak did in fact try to set the cruiser alight.”People have to be held accountable,” he said.Photographer Jonathan McMorran, who supplied additional pictures of the incident to newspaper, believes the man was trying to set the vehicle alight.”I was five feet away when this man was lighting a shirt on fire and putting it in the gas tank. But I don’t think the shirt was far enough inside,” he said.He can’t say for certain that the man in the picture was the one who succeeded in starting the blaze,
marco polo tea Man caught in Vancouver riot photos tearfully apologizes
because three or four people were making attempts inside the car.

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adp polo pay March indictments include suspects in Nashua robbery

NASHUA A Milford man charged by police after a raucous chase that ended with him nearly driving into two officers by the Nashua Canal and three Massachusetts teenagers accused of robbing a Nashua man for a dozen pairs of expensive sneakers are among the indictments returned by a grand jury this month.

William Sylvester, 28, of 72 Whitten Road, Milford, was indicted on eight charges, including felony drug possession, after his Oct. 25 arrest by Milford police. that day for a burglary in progress. Police chased the man, who they later said was Sylvester, toward Spaulding Street, where he jumped into an SUV and fled.

Police then chased the vehicle west on Elm Street, where it entered the Hilton Homes development and turned onto Valhalla Drive.

The driver lost control and slid into two vehicles and then a tree in front of 12 Valhalla Drive, police said.

The suspect fled the crash on foot and was eventually arrested after another foot pursuit and brief struggle, police said.

Sylvester is charged with possession of a controlled drug and operating as a habitual offender, which are felonies, as well as misdemeanor counts of disobeying a police officer, conduct after an accident, three counts of resisting arrest and criminal trespass, a violation, according to court documents.

The indictments, handed down by a Hillsborough County Superior Court grand jury, are not findings of guilt. They are the jury determination that prosecutors have enough evidence for the case to move to the superior court level.

The grand jury also indicted three Lawrence, Mass., teenagers charged with robbing a Nashua man in January and stealing shoes worth more than $2,000.

Fray Cayetano,
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19, of 93 Boxford St.; Christopher Francisco, 19, of 7 Toye St.; and Anderson Morales, 19, of 418 Howard St., Apt. 1, are each facing one count of felony robbery after their

arrests on Jan. 6, according to court documents.

Nashua police said officers responded to 18A Cedar St. for reports of a robbery.

The victim told police he belongs to a Facebook group called Lawrence Sneaker Heads, and that he had arranged to sell a pair of shoes to a male by the name of Francisco Slime

later identified as Francisco.

When Francisco arrived in Nashua to meet with the seller, he asked to see all of the sneakers that were for sale.

Police documents indicate Francisco then called two friends to the house to see the merchandise, at which point one of them ordered the suspect to the ground and threatened him.

Police said 16 pairs of sneakers were stolen along with a PlayStation 4, an HP laptop and iPod Touch. Although the victim didn sustain any serious injuries, he told police the suspects had allegedly discussed killing him.

Other indictments handed down by the grand jury this month include:

John Heitkamp 70, of 112 Tolles St., Nashua, is charged with two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and one count of second degree assault.

He is accused of sexually assaulting a girl younger than 13 between July 23 and Oct. 1 and again between Sept. 18 and Oct. 1, as well as choking the girl during the second incident, according to court records.

Joshua McCarthy 35, of 19 Prentice St., Waltham, Mass.,
wholesale ralph lauren polo shirts March indictments include suspects in Nashua robbery
is facing four counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault.